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We operate on supplier consultations / contract agreements concerning your recurring or non recurring purchases


  • Where you already have price agreements (including catalogues): We maintain and optimise them taking advantage of our volumes (should you want to).

  • Where you do not yet have price agreements, you can benefit from ours.


  • Beginning by defining your needs, we accompany your user from the start by creating a supplier base and carrying through to the final price negotiations and contract agreements.

Added value

Guaranteed best price through :

  • Recourse to our referenced list of price agreements along with yours
  • Compliance with your framework of agreements with your suppliers, thus with your commitments to them
  • A systematic process of competitive sourcing
  • Simplifying the suppliers' processes and thus reducing their costs

Optimized delivery schedules

  • Traceability and transparency of the process in suppliers' consultations (during and after)
  • Contracts protecting the client for whom the purchase is being made
  • Acces to products, services and environmentally and socially responsible suppliers.

Scope of Operations

Categories of Overheads :

  • Consultancy Services
  • MarCom, Training, Temp services, ...
  • Office furniture and supplies
  • Cleaning and safety equipment
  • IT equipment and networks
  • Low value services
  • Journals and subscriptions

Categories of «MRO» :

  • Tools and industrial equipment
  • Pumps, valves, motors, filters,…
  • Industrial consumables
  • EPI
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Industrial services
  • ..

At the client's request, total management of the RFP process for a whole category (Cf. CKS Consulting)

Means and resources

  • Expert purchasers specializing in specific «categories»
  • Market standard software packages for purchasing
  • Software modules and reference lists specially tailored to complex purchases, e.g. consultancy services)
  • A Business Intelligence tool to optimise supplier negotiations
  • Clear-cut, reliable procedures for efficient and effective Purchasing

Outstanding features setting us apart