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The CKS answer to Outsourcing: Advantages for the Client

Economical : Enhanced Purchasing Performance

  • Price agreements
    • Mass, multi-client purchasing
    • Compliance enhancement
  • Purchasing Experts covering all categories
  • Freedom for internal purchasing to focus on high value items

Productivity : Improved performance of purchasing procedures

  • Electronic billing for all outsourced purchases
  • Shared costs for overhead, investment, tools, expertise
  • Centralised/dedicated organisation (vs silos according to industry, Business Units, countries ...)
  • Regularly updated reference lists (freed up administration)

Quality : Heightened service quality for

  • Users (Electronic catalogs, tools to monitor requests ...)
  • Management (scorecards, SLA indicators)
  • Internal purchasers (Business Intelligence Tools)

Financial : Minimal risk

  • No investment (in tools, e.g. catalogs, electronic billing, Business Intelligence ...)
  • Reduced capitalized costs (Variable costs)