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Outsourcing Training

We set up veritable mills to audit purchasing expenditure leading to considerable savings potential


Check conformity of invoices with their corresponding contracts to highlight any overcharges on the part of the supplier, covering:

  • Non compliant pricing
  • Errors in price revision indices on:
    • Raw materials indices
    • "Energy" indices
    • Exchange rates
  • Non-conformity in transportation costs
  • Unused Services / undelivered products
  • Errors in payment: duplicated payments, payments made to the wrong supplier…
  • Unapplied credits
  • Hidden costs
  • Various data entry errors/li>

Audit framework contracts and how contracts are used within the company:

  • Exceptional (over)use of a service
  • Disregard of rules of use

Calculate end-of-year rebates and audit volume discounts

Calculate VAT to be recovered

Construct a map of spending from accounting records (from both electronic and paper documents)


1.Define the scope of our action

Our project managers will determine with you the ROI and the best way to set up a data-processing mill to process your data:

  • Key purchasing categories / number of sites
  • Potential for savings

2.Validate procedures and implement controls

Adapt tools and control procedures to the specific situation: to different types of documents (paper and electronic), supply chain processes…

Implement control procedures by a dedicated team (from 2 to 50 professionals)

3.Present audits and prepare debt collection

Present detailed list of non-conformities and prepare debt collection

Added Value

  • Enormous savings potential by identifying non-compliance with contracts (a rarely used leveraging technique due to lack of time)
  • Better visibility concerning expenditure and existing purchasing terms
  • Detection of malfunctioning related to framework contracts

Scope of Operations

We set up mills to analyse the data for various purchasing categories:

  • Highway freight shipping
  • IT hardware
  • IT services
  • Temporary workers
  • Service providers
  • Building maintenance services

Means and resources

A dedicated project platform is provided:

  • Front-office managed by a consultant specialised in Purchasing who works directly with the client (France-Europe)
  • Back-office of analysts specialised in processing data located in Mauritius (250 analysts)

Reliable data control methods and tools that have been tried and tested on numerous projects.

Extended knowledge of typical non conformities and malfunctions that occur with different Purchasing categories.