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MAI 2012

Pharma Outsourcing & Procurement Summit 2012 - 21st and 22nd May - BERLIN

CKS Outsourcing, et sa structure dédiée aux Sciences de la Vie (L2SA), participe en qualité d'Exhibitor Sponsor au Pharma Outsourcing & Procurement Summit 2012 qui se tient à BERLIN (GE) les 21 et 22 mai 2012.

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CKS Outsourcing, represented by its subsidiary in charge of the Life Science Industry (L2SA) is participating, as an Exhibitor Sponsor, to the Pharma Outsourcing & Procurement Summit 2012 to be organized in BERLIN on 21st and 22nd of May.

Pharmaceutical outsourcing is growing exponentially amidst challenging price restrictions, US health care reforms and reduced revenues.The Pharma Outsourcing and Procurement Summit 2012 addresses the urgent need for pharma to identify and locate the best pharmaceutical outsourcing partnerships and solutions to stay competitive in an uncertain climate whilst addressing heightened regulatory pressures and need to maintain high quality standards.This pharmaceutical event will address the growing pharmaceutical outsourcing requirements in contract manufacturing, bulk, fill finish, drug delivery and formulation, research & development API sourcing.

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